Video Production Chicago


The Autumn Film Company provides video production services across the board. Video is proven to be a wonderful and essential marketing tool. We can create any video for smartphones, tablets, computers, television and movie screens. We work with all sorts of people from self-starts to business owners and have a great passion for video film productions. The Autumn Film Company wants to capture your business world in an intriguing, storytelling way. This way you can convey your business with a successful, engaging approach, while also showing the passion and drive that is in your business. These types of videos are beneficial for your business by targeting your audience such as customers, partners, and investors.


Our video subjects consist of market and advertising, sports and events, medical, corporate, music, and entertainment. Our video marketing company guarantees successful results and has several benefits. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to use video marketing to promote your business!


  1. Reaches a larger audience- the truth is customers watch a lot of videos! YouTube has stated 78% of people watch at least one video every week. By promoting your business through video you can put your video on websites such as YouTube and reach hundreds of customers all over the world.
  2. Competition- Businesses worldwide use video marketing and it is important to stay up-to-date with your competition.
  3. Easily searched- By having a video it will be available online on online search engines such as Google. This will result in more search results for your business.
  4. Available on multiple devices- With the rapid increase in technology usage, by having a video, it can be shared and seen through computers, tablets and smartphones
  5. Statistics- Using YouTube and other video hosting sites allows you to see the behavior and statistics of those who watch your video (age, gender, time when views are highest etc.,)
  6. Increasing purchases- It has been proven that a posted video increases purchases of an item or service by at least 35%.
  7. Creativity- Videos allow for a business to be creative and personable. There are always ways to tell your businesses’ story.
  8. Search engines- Google, Bing and Yahoo! will all increase your video’s views
  9. Personable- Using a video will allow you to connect through sight and sound with your viewers
  10. Social Media- By utilizing social media, your viewers can share your video through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, resulting in more views!

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