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The 411 On Autumn Film Co.

The Autumn Film Company is a video production marketing company.  We launched our video production mission on one simple, child-like, favorite bedtime activity, stories.  Storytelling is our strength and foundation for creating engaging and rewarding video content across every format.  We create stories that resonate with each of our client’s target audience and we get them to respond, to react, to convert.

“If you can watch it, we create it.”

Today, everyone has a camera and a laptop that is prosumer enough to be able to create high quality, video production content.  What you can’t buy at the store or have shipped online, is the ability to tell captivating stories.  Being storytellers first, allows us to use the tools of video, of dolly moves, pans, fades, tilts, jib arms, slow-motion, fast-motion, stop motion, animation and aerial shots to help build and frame our stories.  Every thing we do with a camera, with on camera talent, props and lighting, is all done specifically to move the story, not to be the story.  Video production is one big choreographed dance with moving, talking people, turning, spinning, focusing cameras, bright lights, dim lights, audio mics, wardrobe, make-up, set pieces etc, all moving simultaneously, working to share the same story.  You can see how if any of these elements are not in sync with everything else, like a dance, everyone can come crashing down.


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With this as our proven foundation, The Autumn Film Company, is able to engage and deliver to an array of clients, the highest quality creative, digital video content in the country.  Our clients include NBC Universal, US State Dept, Nike, Allergan, Asset Lock, Halt Medical, Mattel, UFC, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Smith & Nephew, Trailer Park, Apollo Endosurgery, the ASMBS and more.

When you’re ready to discover and share your story in the most compelling and engaging way possible, call Joe Knee today and let’s start writing, creating, shooting your video production.



Joe Knee

President and Founder